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CBT stands forComputer Based Test of Competence.

CBT stands for Following the online eligibility examination, applicants take this Test. CBT assesses candidates’ theoretical and practical skills. The exams should be scheduled and completed in the applicants’ home country.


OSCE stands for objective structured clinical examination.

CBT stands forThis plays out situations that nurses are likely to face as assessing, planning, carrying out, and evaluating treatment. Each individual clinical assessment is referred to as a ‘station’, and applicants must visit all of them within a certain measure of years. The competency exam is based on existing UK pre-registration requirements, and applicants are expected to show healthy and successful practise.

Once you have received your decision from the NMC and your visa permit entering, work and stay in the UK, you can begin the OSCE step of the international registration process.

Please Contact Us & We will Assist You

CvMinds will be guiding the overseas nurses throughout the process. We assist and guide you to sit on the CBT, OSCE, and arrange your employment and applying for your Tier 2 Visa. If you need more information and a guideline, please contact us at   info@cvminds.com.