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We are IT and technology recruitment professionals, addressing a broad range of IT and technology positions in a variety of industries. Among these are, but are not limited to:

– Developer
– IT project managers
– IT support
– IT business analyst
– Information security analysts
– Infrastructure architect
– Web designing
– Network engineer
– Head of IT

We are committed to supplying your company with highly trained professionals who are well-matched to your specific recruiting needs, whether on-site or remote. Contact our IT and technology recruiters today for assistance in finding the best match.

Requirements To Become An IT Professional:

There are a number of IT-related degrees offered by universities all across the UK that will help you secure a role as an IT professional:

Some of the relevant degrees that you might want to do to become an IT professional include:

– Computer Science
– software engineering
– Information Technology
– Computer Engineering
– Information System

When you partner for CvMinds, you will have immediate access to the best talent in the industry. You should recruit with confidence, knowing that our one-of-a-kind service promises can provide you with peace of mind.

At CvMinds, we make every effort to provide you with a quick, convenient, and productive recruitment process:

– Communication skills
– Leadership skills
– Management skills

It is called effective teamwork
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If You Are From Outside The UK And Wish To Work In The UK:

The Tier 2 Work Visa is the most popular working visa route to the UK. If you are an IT worker with a specific skill set or qualification, you might be eligible for this visa type.

The Tier 2 (General) Work Visa requirements are:

– You must provide a Certificate of Sponsorship (providing 50 points of the Points Based System) from your English employer
– You must pass an English Language test (providing the remaining 20 points of the Points Based System).
– You must provide evidence of your salary and maintenance funds for your time in the UK.

In order to obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS), your employer must be a legally registered and recognised company in the UK who can hire foreign workers. Only if they have a Sponsorship Licence, can they issue you a CoS, so it is important that you seek advice from a lawyer who can check for you.

On this visa type, you can:

– Live and work in the UK for 5 years.
– Work in a second job (in certain circumstances).
– Study a course so long as it doesn’t affect your sponsored employment
– Travel so long as you return to the UK.
– Bring immediate family members with you (such as your spouse and children).

However, you will not get access to public funding, such as benefits, social housing or free healthcare.

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