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Post Landing Services for International Students

Moving overseas involves a great deal of preparation.. Immigration is just 30% of the entire transition process. We take care of the rest 70% through our comprehensive and customized settlement and placement services to help you settle in the country of your choice.

We provide complete assistance in the settlement of our clients, grooming our clients for the job market in their country of destination, and assist in finding a job for them after they land in the country.

Our Post Landing Services


After landing abroad, we take care of their airport pickup, subsidized rooms against charges, only if they retained our Guest house services, help in opening a Bank Account, Credit Card, Driving License, Government Card, finding education institutions, insurance and many other services.


Our professional team of immigration lawyers will always be available for legal assistance and your queries


Information about licensing or professional registration requirements, list of potential employers, exams to be taken in order to obtain a license and registration in EU and effective job search techniques, professional licensing and registrations, preparation of licensing exams are also provided by our experts. All this goes a long way in early settlement of our clients.


Advanced orientation sessions are organized by our counsellors to guide you living in your destination country, its social life and culture, banking, health and life insurance, education, health services, traveling and much more. These sessions help our clients acclimatize to life abroad without wasting their valuable time and money.

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