MBBS in UK & Europe

MBBS is the most selective course in UK among all other courses. Medical universities in UK claim the 2nd highest Nobel prize in medicine. The migration of international students increasing every year.


If you have strong ambitions and focused dreams about a career in medicine then MBBS in UK is a good option for you. It will give you a successful career in the field of medicine. Studying medicine in the UK is the most competitive course for international students. But, the quality of education provided by the medical universities in the United Kingdom is far better than any other university in the world. Most of the reputed medical specialists are from UK medical universities. Also, the MBBS degree from the UK is recognized by NMC and directory of world councils.

Why Pursue MBBS in UK & Europe Countries?

UK is well-known for its excellent medical education across the globe.
Students will get a graduate degree in medicine with internationally recognized qualifications.
Medical students in UK get a chance to clear MRCS/MRCP world-recognized diplomas.
Studying MBBS in the UK gives the students some helpful career guide options including international exposure, top education standard with most exciting medical technology and advanced methodology.
Professional training is provided by the experts in NHS(National Health Service) hospitals.


Universities for Medicine

in UK

  • 1

    University of Oxford
  • 2

    University of Birmingham
  • 3

    University of Cambridge
  • 4

    Queen Mary University of London
  • 5

    University of Aberdeen
  • 6

    University of Glasgow
  • 7

    University of Edinburgh
  • 8

    Newcastle University
  • 9

    University of Manchester
  • 10

    Imperial College London

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