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CvMinds is a platform for finding a perfect job for your qualification. we are currently providing guidance for healthcare practitioners for NHS Trusts and private healthcare, as well as IT Professionals foundations all over the UK. We have a large network of main contacts in the UK that assist us in matching candidates to their preference, including seeking placements in the candidate’s preferred geographic area.

CvMinds Team will collaborate with the applicant until they are fully settled in the UK, providing all stages of support and assistance to the applicants, including all related help and support for visa application, paperwork, and assistance for qualifying exams such as IELTS/ OET, OSCE, and so on.

CvMinds provide a lot of opportunities available for all types of healthcare professionals, like nurses, doctors, pharmacists, as well as in the hospitality and IT professional sectors.

Shortages For Skillset Occupations

Management Services

Business Analysts

Market Researchers

HR Officers


Primary & Secondary School Teachers

Teaching Asistants

University Professors




Medical Radiographers


Ethical Hacking

Cyber Security Analysts

Penetration Testing

Security audit


Electrical, Mechanical & Chemical Engineers

Civil Engineers

Product & Process Engineers

IT Professional

Software Developers

System Engineers

IT Support

Digital Marketing

SEO Marketers

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing




Project Managers

Social care


Social Workers




What Are The Best Ways To Find Work In The Uk?

Networking is crucial, because often job openings are filled by word of mouth. Make inquiries about vacancies with any current UK contacts and inform them that you're actively searching for work in the country.
Most work in the United Kingdom can be applied for online by submitting a brief CV and cover letter, or by filling out an application form. CVs should be no more than two sides of A4 and cover letters should be no more than one page. Figure out more about CVs and cover letters.
Because of the high turnover of employees, the hospitality and retail industries often hire all year. London is a hotbed for performing arts and architecture, while Birmingham and Manchester are hotbeds for publicity and public relations.
Speculative qualifications are often accepted, and they can be useful when applying to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), which do not necessarily announce job openings.
Many firms have lengthy recruiting procedures, so apply as soon as possible. Apply in your home country first, then relocate after you've found a job.
If your application for a position is shortlisted, you will be required to attend a series of interviews. One-on-one interviews with the future line manager or panel interviews with administrators and HR staff are examples of both. To pick successful applicants, larger businesses and graduate programmes often use a combination of psychometric tests, screening centres, and interviews.

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